NISO Voting Member Ballot: Approval of Proposed New Work Item, Create a Standards-Specific Ontology Standard

This ballot, to approve a proposed new work item on the development of a standards-specific ontology standard, was open from November 19 to December 18, 2018. The proposal was approved by the Information Creation & Curation Topic Committee on November 13, 2018.

Standards producers and distributors are looking for ways to leverage their XML investment, help their end users save time and effort, expose the data “locked” within standards, and create more dynamic products. This initiative would create a high-level standards ontology that describes a limited set of core concepts and relationships, beginning with a component to define standards’ lifecycle states. This work would be a first step, building on the NISO STS XML, responding to technology advancements and new user requirements, which include machine readability. It will result in greater interoperability of standards and standards data, which in turn will aid standards users, and help advance standards discovery, functionality, publishing, and interoperability.

In order for this item to be approved, a minimum of 10% of NISO's Voting Members must express interest in this work item.

The ballot was passed with 31 NISO voting members approving it, no negative votes, and one abstention.  There were no comments.