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Library Standards Alliance

Join NISO Library Standards Alliance

Libraries play a vital role in contributing to and implementing information standards, so we want and need your continued engagement with NISO. We recognize that you may have limited resources, so membership of the NISO Library Standards Alliance is an easy and affordable way for your organization to support our work. LSA membership allows you to both contribute to the development of information standards work and to stay up to date with the many national and international standards activities that NISO is involved in.

Benefits of Library Standards Alliance membership include:

Supporting community access to NISO standards

- support from Library Standards Alliance members enables us to continue to make all NISO standards freely available to the community for use and application

Alliance members in good standing are listed on the NISO website, with a link to your own website

Participating in standards development

- nominate representatives to serve on an unlimited number of NISO standards committees and working groups  (non-members may only nominate one person to serve on one group)

- get early notification about draft and newly approved NISO standards, so that you have ample time to provide feedback for your organization and community

Unlimited free or discounted registration for NISO events 

- free attendance for all staff at NISO’s monthly educational webinars (14 in 2020) — simply designate one or more webinar contact points so we can share joining instructions

- access to ongoing webinar recordings and to the archive of previous event recordings including 10+ years of programs

- discounted registration for other NISO events, including the NISO Plus conference, NISO Virtual Conferences, NISO Training series, the NFAIS Technology Forums, the Humanities Roundtable, and more

NISO welcomes all libraries that have an active interest in collaborating on information standards — academic, public, special, and government libraries, as well as library associations worldwide — to join our Library Standards Alliance!

For more information, please see the LSA Membership ListNISO Membership Dues, and the LSA Application Form — or contact us at

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