NISO Voting Member Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a NISO Voting Member

Voting Membership in NISO is open to any organization supporting NISO's goals. The Voting Member is appropriate for for-profit and larger non-profit organizations. NISO welcomes participation from organizations headquartered outside the U.S.

Benefits of Becoming a NISO Voting Member:

  • Gain a competitive advantage:
    As a NISO member, you will both understand standards and influence them, helping to ensure that your products will meet standards and meet your customers' needs. 
  • Influence the direction of standards work
    By participating in the development, revision, and evaluation of standards, and voting on their final acceptance, you will be able to influence the process and mold the future of the industry. US Voting Members also serve on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the International Organization of Standards (ISO) Technical Committee 46. 
  • Network with competitors on neutral ground
    NISO-sponsored programs and workshops enable you to learn about the industry and share ideas in an open environment. Voting Members have multiple opportunities to meet together on NISO activities, ranging from standards committee work to informal, educational seminars. 
  • Explore new business opportunities
    All Voting Members get automatic notification of new and proposed standards and the status of current NISO committee work. You will see the latest information as soon as it is released, so you can refer technical matters to your internal experts to assure that NISO standards work for you. 
  • Identify your company as a supporter of standards
    The NISO Gold Seal can be displayed in your lobby, in your booth at professional meetings, on your advertising and promotional literature. It is an internationally recognized standard of quality. 
  • Bring traffic to your Web site
    Voting Members are featured and linked on the NISO Web site. Those who care about standards visit the NISO site, and will be directed to your site. 

Voting Members have the opportunity to:

  • Designate a Voting Representative and an Alternate Voting Representative to comment and vote on all standards
  • Take part in NISO standards committees and serve on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the International Organization of Standards (ISO) Technical Committee 46 on Information and Documentation
  • Attend NISO business meetings and vote to influence the direction of NISO 
  • Voting Members are featured and linked in the NISO website and the names of all members appear in each standard
  • Sponsor NISO events

If you represent a publisher, an information aggregator, a library organization, or other service provider, then NISO is for you! NISO is the only organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to initiate, develop, maintain, and publish technical standards for information services, libraries, publishers and other involved in the business of the creation, storage, preservation, sharing, accession, and dissemination of information. 

To learn more about Voting Membership, see Voting Membership List, Voting Member Dues, and Voting Member Application Form.