March 11 Open Webinar: Transfer

Open Teleconference

Please note the time change from our usual afternoon to noon, Eastern time, this month only. Note also time change in North America means this teleconference will be held at 4 pm UK and 5 pm Central Europe!

Our topic will be the Transfer Code of Practice, a NISO Recommended Practice now on its 4.0 version. Transfer was initially created by the UKSG in 2007 and moved to NISO in 2014. More information is available at the NISO Standing Committee web pages.

Our conversation will be with Transfer Standing Committee co-chair Sophia Anderton.

The Transfer Code of Practice is a voluntary code of conduct and best practices for jurnal publishers, which contains guidelines for key steps to take when journal owners transfer their journal content to and from one another. It seeks to address the technical and communication issues that arise during these transactions, with a goal of eradicating any disruption of access to journal content by end users.  Support tools developed by the Transfer Standing Committee and other supporters include several services to notify librarians and other interested parties of journal moves.

Transfer encompasses three areas of work:

  1. The Transfer Code of Practice 
  2. Publishers that currently endorse the Code
  3. The Transfer Alerting Service, designed to facilitate communication of journal transfers, now hosted by the ISSN International Centre. 

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