EU Research Data Preservation Project Seeks Survey Input from Publishers

PARSE.Insight, a European Union project initiated in March 2008 “to highlight the longevity and vulnerability of digital research data,” is conducting an online survey about access and storage of research data.

PARSE.Insight is “concerned with the preservation of digital information in science, from primary data through analysis to the final publications resulting from the research. The problem is how to safeguard this valuable digital material over time, to ensure that it is accessible, usable and understandable in future.”

They are interested in getting publishers’ views included in their survey, in addition to researchers, since publishers play a critical role in the digital preservation of publications and related research data.

The survey is available here:

Reponses are aggregated for analysis and made anonymous. If you wish to be informed about the results of the survey you can enter your e-mail address at the end of the survey.

Ultimately, PARSE.insight plans to “to develop a roadmap and recommendations for developing the e-infrastructure in order to maintain the long-term accessibility and usability of scientific digital information in Europe.”

Posted by Cynthia Hodgson