Standards in Development: November 15, 2012

Listed below are the NISO working groups that are currently developing new or revised standards, recommended practices,or reports. Refer to the NISO website ( and the Newsline quarterly supplements, Working Group Connection (, for updates on the working group activities.

Note: DSFTU stands for Draft Standard for Trial Use.

Demand Driven Acquisition of Monographs
Co-chairs: Michael Levine-Clark, Barbara Kawecki
Recommended Practice (NISO RP-20-201x) in development.

Digital Bookmarking and Annotation Sharing
Co-chairs: Ken Haase, Dan Whaley
Standard (NISO Z39.97-201x) in development.

Institutional Identifiers (I²)
Co-chairs: Grace Agnew, Oliver Pesch
NISO RP-17-201x, Institutional Identification: Identifying Organizations in the Information Supply Chain finalizing for publication.

Improving OpenURLs Through Analytics (IOTA)
Chair: Adam Chandler
IOTA Technical Report (NISO TR 5-201x) in development.

Journal Article Versions (JAV) addendum
Chair: TBD
Revised Recommended Practice (NISO RP-9-201x) in development.

Knowledge Base and Related Tools (KBART) Phase II
Joint project with UKSG
Co-chairs: Andreas Biedenbach, Sarah Pearson
Phase II recommended Practice in development.

Open Discovery Initiative
Co-chairs: Marshall Breeding, Jenny Walker
Recommended Practice (NISO RP-19-201x) in development.

Presentation and Identification of e-Journals (PIe-J)
Co-chairs: Bob Boissy, Cindy Hepfer
NISO RP-16-201x,PIe-J: The Presentation & Identification of e-Journals finalizing for publication following the public comment period.

Resource Synchronization
Co-chairs: Herbert Van de Sompel, Todd Carpenter
Standard (NISO Z39.99-201x) in development.

Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP)
Co-chairs: John Bodfish, Ted Koppel
Standard (NISO Z39.100-201x) in development.

Supplemental Journal Article Materials
Joint project with NFAIS
Co-chairs Business Working Group: Linda Beebe, Marie McVeigh.
Co-chairs Technical Working Group: Dave Martinsen, Alexander (Sasha) Schwarzman
NISO RP-15-201x, Recommended Practices for Online Supplemental Journal Article Materials, finalizing for publication following the public comment period.

SUSHI Server Working Group
Chair: Oliver Pesch
NISO RP-13-201x, Providing a Test Mode for SUSHI Servers finalizing for publication following a draft for trial use.

SUSHI Standing Committee
Co-chairs: bob McQuillan, Oliver Pesch
NISO Z39.93-201x, Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) revision being prepared for ballot.

Z39.7 Standing Committee
Chair: Martha Kyrillidou
NISO Z39.7-201x, Information Services and Use: Metrics & statistics for libraries and information providers—Data Dictionary revision being prepared for ballot.