NISO Webinar: Integrating Library Management Systems

Wednesday, June 8
1:00 P.M. - 2:30 PM, EST

Managing library resources and fulfilling user requests requires robust interaction among a variety of systems. From circulation systems and ebook collections to discovery services and OpenURL resolvers, interfaces to exchange data between systems are a key element of successful system deployment. Unfortunately, not every system works seamlessly with every other. Integration is often painful, especially with systems from competing providers. The process can be complicated by proprietary access, the lack of APIs, or specific exchange standards. This lack of interoperability frustrates users of the content or services the library is providing.

This webinar will cover key elements of how to manage an integration projects and what to look for in deploying these systems. Participants will learn via case studies from several successful, and some less successful, integration efforts in libraries.

Confirmed speakers include Marshall Breeding, Independent Consultant, Library Technology; Ellen Bishop, Director, Integrated Library Services, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative-FLVC; Susan Johns-Smith, Coordinator of Library Systems and Consortia, Pittsburg State University; and Fred A. Reiss, Head of Digital Data/Metadata and E-Content Licensing Services, Library Technology Platforms, University of Oklahoma Libraries.

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