NISO Seeks Comments on New Draft Recommended Practice: KBART Automation: Automated Retrieval of Customer Electronic Holdings

NISO seeks comments on a new draft Recommended Practice, KBART Automation: Automated Retrieval of Customer Electronic Holdings

KBART Automation is an enhancement to KBART, Knowledge Bases and Related Tools, the NISO initiative which provides a format for content providers to use to transfer journal and book metadata to link resolver knowledge bases and other library software. This new draft recommended practice provides instructions to support automated feeds customized to include the holdings available at a particular institution, making it much easier for libraries to know their knowledge bases are up to date with their current subscriptions.

The KBART Automation draft is available for public comment from November 2 to December 3, 2018. To download the draft document or submit comments, visit the NISO project page at All input is welcome.