Charleston Conference Webcast: Accessibility & Publishing

Free Access to Charleston Conference Webcast on Accessibility and Publishing

On Accessibility and Publishing

Video and slides made available from this Charleston Conference WebCast, January 22, 2019

Listen in on this discussion of what the community is doing to ensure publications are made "accessible to readers with print disabilities and to readers facing other barriers to access." 

Moderated by Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief, Charleston Briefings and Director of Collection Development, Central Michigan University, the speakers in this session included:

  • Susan Doerr, Assistant Director, Digital Publishing and Operations Director, University of Minnesota Press
  • Stephane Rosen, Accessibility Specialist, University of Michigan Library
  • Peter Alan Smith, Executive Professor in Residence, College of Charleston School of Business
  • Emma Waecker, Senior Product Manager for eBooks, EBSCO Information Services.

From the providers of this event "Panelists from university presses, vendors, and libraries will outline current practices in their respective fields and outline the ways in which those fields are changing. We will focus on the practical matters of making books accessible to readers with print disabilities and on the transformational possibilities of incorporating accessible practices into every aspect of the scholarly communication lifecycle."