Planning for the Fall Semester in 2020: Video from the Wall Street Journal

Tweet from JHU Press

A new @WSJ feature on the potential ways the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the future of higher education permanently consults "Academia Next" author @BryanAlexander. Watch the full video here:

— Johns Hopkins Press (@JHUPress) May 20, 2020

Excellent brief video overview of Bryan Alexander's three scenarios of how the coming fall will be shaped by COVID-19. Additionally there are comments from institutions large and small about the impact of the pandemic on higher education. The Associated Press published a story that notes that, even if open, universities cannot be operating in quite the same way as before.

WVU President Gordon Gee: “If it was simply based on science, we would keep everything shut down until we have a vaccine and until it’s working. But I don’t feel that that’s feasible, either economically or socially, and certainly not educationally,”

— John Overholt (@john_overholt) May 21, 2020

If you are currently concerned about how current changes in higher education may be impacting on the information community and specifically on the information marketplace, we invite you to participate in NISO's exciting June conference event that features the following confirmed speakers:

  • Linda Jones, Provost, Western New England University
  • Dennis Clark, Dean of the Library, University of Arkansas
  • Ralph Youngen, Director, Publishing Systems Integration, American Chemical Society
  • Roger Schonfeld, Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums program, Ithaka
  • Amy Pawlowski, Interim Executive Director, Ohiolink
  • Dean O. Smith, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, & Author of How University Budgets Work (2019, JHU Press)