Facilitating Ownership of African Scholarship

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Joy Owango is the Executive Director of the Training Centre in Communication(TCC Africa), the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. Tweeting from NISO Plus, she provided followers with these key points from her February 25th presentation. 

Owango is an experienced award-winning Founding Director with a demonstrated history of working in capacity support for early career researchers. She is skilled in Management, Business Strategy and Research Metrics. She is experienced in matters relating to Research Capacity, Higher Education, Research Analytics, Donor, and Government Relations.

On Supporting Ownership

Presentation Slide from Joy Owango

Highlights of my on going talk by @tccafrica and @AfricArxiv at #NISOPlus21 by @NISOInfo https://t.co/9aGfQsQQWL pic.twitter.com/6RRvsm1qDY

— First of Her Name (@JoyOwango) February 25, 2021

This Claim Is False

Debunking The Myth

This claim is false... We need to increase the visibility of African research pic.twitter.com/Al9NUAeeM4

— First of Her Name (@JoyOwango) February 25, 2021

Who is AfricArXiv?

Who Is Partnering with the AfricArXiv Platform in Support of this Effort?

Who is @AfricArxiv and how do they help in increasing African #researchvisibility, thanks to the following partners ;@tccafrica @qeios @pubpub @ZENODO_ORG @Science_Open @figshare @OSFramework #NISOPlus21 #SDG4 #SDG17 pic.twitter.com/PHdo13nFIO

— First of Her Name (@JoyOwango) February 25, 2021

Language Diversity

'English is the language of science'. This global trend puts regions that are not English speaking including Africa, miss out on their contribution to the knowledge economy, simply because of the use of their indigenous language. #NISOPlus21 pic.twitter.com/fgHSE0mP0r

— First of Her Name (@JoyOwango) February 25, 2021

What are the Opportunities?

Lets be clear we are not complaining, but looking at the existing challenges and turning them into opportunities.
So what do we as Africans need to actively do in increasing our #researchvisibility? #NISOPlus21 pic.twitter.com/n6w6P5I0Ro

— First of Her Name (@JoyOwango) February 25, 2021

Conference registrants can view Joy's talk on preprints given at NISO Plus 2021 here.