That's What Editors Do!

Appearing late in March, this article is a worthwhile read. Published via the Council of Science Editors' journal, Science Editor, and written by Bill Kasdorf, Principal, Kasdorf & Associates, the article points out that "it is entirely possible for a publisher’s standard editorial and production workflows to make their standard products—websites, journal articles, and books—accessible from the start."

Accessibility is often thought of as a production task, and even post-production. It's WAY better to begin to integrate it into your workflow upstream. The accessibility's better, and your publications are better too. This article explains why. @a11y @accessibledaisy @Benetech

— Bill Kasdorf (@BillKasdorf) March 29, 2021

Jonathan Schultz, Editor in Chief of that publication, amplified on Twitter the key take-away -- that the role of the editor in making science accessible is key. The full text of Kasdorf's article may be found here