New and Emerging Specs and Standards (June 2021)

What You'll Want to Know!

ISO 24083:2021 Information and documentation — International archives statistics
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46/SC 8 Quality - Statistics and performance evaluation
"This document specifies guidelines for the archives community on the collection and reporting of statistics for the following purposes: strategic planning and internal management of archives; aggregating and comparing operational and performance statistics at regional, national, and international levels; reporting to stakeholders such as funding institutions, politicians, researchers, and the general public; promoting the role and value of archives for advancing learning and research, education and culture, and social and economic life; improving the management of processes, reinforcing transparency and supporting good governance."

ISO/IEC TR 24030:2021 Information technology — Artificial intelligence (AI) — Use cases
Technical Committee : ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 Artificial intelligence
"This document provides a collection of representative use cases of AI applications in a variety of domains. The rationale for this document is as follows: illustrating the applicability of the AI standardization work across a variety of application domains; input to and reference for AI standardization work; sharing the collected use cases in support of AI standardization work with external organizations and internal entities to foster collaboration; reach out to new stakeholders interested in AI applicability; establishment of liaison organizations to collect requirements for AI via use cases; by investigating use cases, it is possible to find the new technical requirements (standardized demand) from the market, accelerating the transformation of science and technology achievements."