New and Emerging Specs and Standards (January 2022)

ISO 18626:2021 Information and documentation — Interlibrary loan transactions
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46/SC 4 Technical interoperability

"This document specifies the transactions between libraries or libraries and other agencies to handle requests for library items and the following exchange of messages. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition (ISO 18626:2017), which has been technically revised. This document specifies three simple messages: a Request, a Supplying Library Message and a Requesting Library Message. Implementer experiences gathered from the previous edition of this ILL protocol indicates that it is easier to implement than ISO 10160 and that the functionality provided meets the requirements of libraries’ current ILL practices."

ISO 10957:2021 Information and documentation — International standard music number (ISMN)
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46/SC 9 Identification and description

"ISO 10957:2009 specifies the International standard music number (ISMN), which is a means of uniquely identifying editions of notated music. It specifies the assignment of a unique ISMN on such editions so as to distinguish one edition of a title or one separate component of an edition from all other editions. ISO 10957:2009 also specifies the construction of an ISMN and its location on editions of notated music. ISO 10957:2009 is applicable to editions of notated music. The ISMN can also be used to identify editions of notated music that are presented with other media to form an integrated whole (e.g. an edition that, together with a sound recording, forms a single product). The ISMN is not suitable for the identification of material in other media that are issued separately, such as sound or audiovisual products (e.g. CDs or DVDs), for which other standards such as ISO 3901 (International Standard Recording Code) and ISO 15706 (International Standard Audiovisual Number) are applicable. The ISMN is not suitable for the identification of the products themselves (CDs or DVDs), for which the European article numbering (EAN) 13-digit bar code can be used."

ISO/IEC TS 38505-3:2021 Information technology — Governance of data — Part 3: Guidelines for data classification
Technical Committee : ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 40 IT service management and IT governance

"This document provides essential guidance for members of governing bodies of organizations and management on the use of data classification as a means to support the organization’s overall data governance policy and associated systems. It sets out important factors to be considered in developing and deploying a data classification system. [It] complements the existing International Standards on IT governance (ISO/IEC 38500) and data governance (ISO/IEC 38505-1). It is designed to provide practical guidance for organizations including governing bodies and management to allow them to: maintain an oversight of their data portfolio; understand the business context, value, sensitivity and risk associated with the data; and apply mechanisms that are both proportionate and appropriate, ensuring that data is protected, and is only used for intended purposes consistent with the organization’s obligations."