NISO Standards Work Moving to Higher Logic Platform

News from the NISO Organization

As an organization focused on bringing the information community together to improve interoperability and efficiency, it’s important to ensure that NISO’s own systems are fit for purpose! So we are pleased to announce that later this month we will be migrating the back-end system that supports our standards work, including our publications and other documentation, to the latest version of the Higher Logic platform. This migration will provide our working group members, voting representatives, and staff with a more stable online working environment; in the future we also hope to utilize the platform’s community engagement features more widely.

We are working with Higher Logic to ensure that all links to our material are appropriately  redirected to the new platform. However, given that there are (literally!) thousands of documents on our current system, there is always a chance that—despite everyone’s best efforts—some content will be temporarily unavailable. So, if you or your organization has website links or bookmarks for NISO content, we encourage you to check them after the migration in late March and to alert us to any problems