ProQuest One Business Makes 2021 "Best of" List

Included in one of Library Journal's Best Of lists included in their March 16 issue on the  basis of Proquest's excellent curation of relevant content, ease of navigation and organization, ProQuest One Business is a resource built with an eye to the needs of the business faculty and students!

Delivering task based discipline specific solutions ProQuest Clarivate for Academia & Government

— Rafael Sidi (@rafaelsidi) March 20, 2022

The database was characterized as a "must-have resource". A previously published review includes this featured pull quote by the LJ reviewer, "This outstanding one-stop business gateway enables users to find books, company reports, journals, videos, conference proceedings, and much more… …exceptional searchability, navigability, functionality, and usability, make ProQuest One Business an excellent choice for faculty and students."