Thinking About Spring Training? Get Coached on Scholarly APIs

Do You Want to Learn More About Working with Scholarly Resource APIs?

NISO is again providing a training series targeted to those working with APIs for scholarly information resources. Our spring series will extend across eight consecutive weeks, beginning on Thursday, April 28, 2022.  Last offered in 2017, seats for the previous program sold out and we expect will do so again. 

Web APIs provide interfaces to enable developers, technologists and researchers to interact with third party applications through a set of common protocols and standards. By doing so, they enable complex functionality to be developed and information to be exchanged with relative ease and reliability. 

In NISO’s spring training series, course moderator Phill Jones and a roster of experienced guest lecturers will cover the role of APIs in workflow integrations for publishing and application development, as well as how analysts, researchers, and business intelligence professionals use APIs to aggregate and synthesize data for bibliometrics, topic modeling, data visualization and trend identification. 

Dr. Phill Jones is a technologist, entrepreneur, product leader, strategic analyst and consultant. His current role is co-founder for digital and technology at the MoreBrains Cooperative, a consultancy working at the forefront of scholarly infrastructure, information management, and research dissemination. He is a Scholarly Kitchen Chef, a member of the Learned Publishing Editorial Board, a member of the Researcher to Reader advisory board, and a Judge of the Karger Vesalius Innovation Awards.

Among others, program segments will discuss APIs from the following providers:

  • Crossref
  • Digital Science Dimensions
  • Web of Science

Additional segments will address APIs for data science.

Early bird registration remains open until April 14, 2022, but don’t wait! The program will ensure your staff remain current with functional requirements and use of these critical services.