AIP Publishing Completes Roll-Out of CRediT System

NISO Member News

Melville, NY | May 24, 2022

AIP Publishing is excited to announce it has completed its rollout of the CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) system — a high-level industry standard that allows authors to clearly and distinctly represent the roles individual contributors served in a given scholarly publication.

CRediT has become widely accepted among scientific publishers as a concise way to demonstrate the array of contributions individual scientists can make to research. Through the CRediT system and its 14 assignable contributor roles, authors can promote the awareness and visibility of roles that were previously under-recognized, enhance the clarity of grant applications, and develop wider and more effective professional networks, among many other advantages.

In conjunction with AIP Publishing’s impressive suite of author services, the implementation of CRediT offers authors the opportunity to further distinguish themselves and their colleagues in the field of scientific scholarly publishing.

“Implementing the CRediT system is just the latest example of our commitment to our authors and the broader scientific community,” said Penelope Lewis, Chief Publishing Officer at AIP Publishing. “Through recognizing and elevating individual contributions to science, we help make research assessment more open and accessible.”

Learn more about CRediT, its status as an ANSI/NISO standard, and what’s next for the system in this Scholarly Kitchen interview with NISO Contributor Roles Taxonomy Working Group co-chairs Liz Allen, Simon Kerridge, and Alison McGonagle-O’Connell.