Jessica Smith: A Case Study in User Needs for Text Analysis

This presentation, given by Jessica Smith of JSTOR Labs, was featured during the NISO Hot Topic virtual conference, "The User Experience: Just Fix It." The event was held on January 26, 2022. Smith provided this as the abstract for her talk:

At JSTOR Labs, we make prototypes and conduct experiments to try out new ways of discovering and using scholarship, especially in the digital humanities. In this talk, I'll discuss the user needs elicitation, iterative usability testing, and collaborative design with users that we've undertaken to create Constellate, a text mining/analysis service from JSTOR. This project's UX was unusually complex in terms of the differences between the needs of DH-curious humanists who want to learn to analyze large corpora and the needs of experienced text miners, in the humanities and STEM fields.

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