CAUL To Pilot Subscribe-to-Open With Annual Reviews

NISO Member News

San Mateo, CA | June 16, 2022

Starting June 14th, all Annual Reviews content published between 2013-2022 will be openly available across Australia and New Zealand. This includes all articles authored by Australian and New Zealand researchers during this period. The journals provide overviews of scientific progress across the life, biological, physical and social sciences.

This agreement is a pilot program under Subscribe to Open, a business model that converts entire volumes of a journal to open access. Annual Reviews announced on April 5, 2022 that they would work towards making their entire portfolio of 51 journals available worldwide in 2023 under the Subscribe to Open model. Recognizing the impact of these plans, CAUL has negotiated full access in Australia and New Zealand one year earlier.

“CAUL is committed to advancing open scholarship,” said Angus Cook, Director of Content Procurement, CAUL. “Open access to scientific information has had a tremendous impact on research and public awareness during the Covid pandemic, and it will play an even more important role in tackling climate change and the many societal challenges that we must address. We are delighted that access will be provided nationally for both New Zealand and Australia. This will be one of the first of these types of agreement for CAUL, and we look forward to monitoring its success.”

“Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and benefit of society,” said Richard Gallagher, President & Editor-in-Chief of Annual Reviews. “Working with CAUL to bring our content to everyone in Australia and New Zealand a year ahead of our global plan illustrates the shared commitment of the two organizations to open access and reflects a successful 20-year relationship. “

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