NISO Participation, Japan Open Science Summit 2022

Information Standards and the Global Research Infrastructure

As mentioned last month, we are delighted to be participating in the Japan Open Science Summit (June 6-10) for the first time this year! The country’s largest open science conference, it’s attended by researchers, university librarians, IT and infrastructure professionals, policy-makers, and more. 

Our panel session, on Information Standards and the Global Research Infrastructure, is scheduled for June 7, 10 –11.30am Tokyo/June 6, 9-10.30pm EDT. Attendance is free and registration is now open! We’ll be talking about our work with the global information community to identify new and changing needs, and to develop openly available standards and recommended practices to meet those needs — technical specifications, taxonomies, workflows, and more.

We have a great lineup of speakers from Japan and the US for this fully bilingual session: 

  • Yasushi Ogasaka, Director, Department of R&D for Future Creation, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) - Moderator
  • Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO
  • Jason Griffey, Director of Strategic Initiatives, NISO
  • Alison McGonagle O’Connell, Consultant 
  • Makoto Murata, Project Professor, Keio University
  • Ritsuko Nakajima, Director, Department for Information Infrastructure, Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST)
  • Jodi Schneider, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 

Increasing international engagement with NISO, as well as the worldwide impact of our work, is an important element of our strategic goal to improve diversity and inclusion. Participating in JOSS takes us a step closer to achieving that goal!

NOTE: You are also invited to attend the CHORUS forum on research integrity at JOSS: June 8, 10.00 –11.30am (Tokyo), June 7, 9.00-10.30pm (EDT).