Dr. Stephen Sherry Named Director of NCBI

Dr. Sherry brings a history of innovation and leadership to the position of Director, NCBI. Most recently, he served as Acting Director, NCBI, bringing a vision of customer engagement, and modular, interoperable, and cloud-based approaches to the development of technical platforms for NLM offerings and services. Additionally, he is recognized for his inventiveness in leveraging research for public health emergency response. Dr. Sherry has been central in key innovations at NLM including the ClinicalTrials.gov Modernization effort and development of the NIH Comparative Genomics Resource, ensuring public input and technical innovation in the process. Dr. Sherry positioned NCBI as a strong collaborative force across the NIH and in support of major NLM projects including the MEDLINE 2022 initiative, which resulted in 100% automated indexing of the biomedical literature available through NLM’s PubMed and PubMed Central (PMC).