October 14 Deadline to Review BISAC Proposal!

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2022 BISAC Update Proposal and Request for Feedback

The BISG Subject Codes Committee has completed the *proposal* for updates and revisions to the BISAC Subject Headings list for the 2022 Edition.

All BISG members are invited to review the proposal and submit feedback to BISG by 12 p.m. ET on October 14. Please limit feedback to problems such as spelling errors or issues related to consistency within the list. **No new codes will be added at this time.** Information on suggesting new codes or changes to the code list is available here. If you would like to attend future meetings of the Subject Codes Committee, where changes are discussed and agreed to, please contact BISG for more information.

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BISG and the Subject Codes committee received input from BookNet Canada and Canadian publishers regarding the categorization, "Canada (Canadian) / Indigenous," used with various top-level subjects. After much discussion, it was determined that “Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island” is currently the most widely accepted phrase covering indigenous peoples who live within Canada. Accordingly, we have made this change in multiple places within the current proposal. As cross-references indicate, these changes are for subjects that previously mentioned Canada only.

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The proposal is for review only, and is **subject to change.** None of the additions and/or changes should be used until the code list is officially approved by the BISG Board and published on the BISG website. There will be an email announcement at that time with more information.