NISO Professional Development Events, Jan and Feb 2023

January 2023

NISO Roundtable Webinar

Library As Platform
Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 11:00am - 12:30pm (Eastern Standard Time, US & Canada)

Traditionally, the library was a collection of content and services in a physical location – selection, acquisition, curation, access, and preservation services, as well as direct end-user support and education, were all in one place. That’s still the case for print and other physical items, even as libraries increasingly embrace collaborative collection development and sharing networks. In the digital universe many, if not most, of those functions have moved online - to content and aggregator platforms, to discovery services, and to digital preservation services. The contributors to this webinar will discuss the implications for this shift, including how librarians and platform vendors should engage to ensure the best service for users — the ultimate stakeholders.

Confirmed speakers include: Daniel Griffin, Ph.D. candidate, UC-Berkeley School of Information; Dracine Hodges, Associate University Librarian for Collections Services, Duke University; Alex Humphries, Vice President, ITHAKA Ventures and JSTOR Labs; and Emily Singley, VP, North American Library Relations, Elsevier.

February 2023

NISO Roundtable Webinar

Collaborative Collections: Shifts in Collection Development, Resource Sharing, and Management
Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 11:00am - 12:30pm (Eastern Standard Time, US & Canada)

Libraries around the world  see collaboration as a viable solution for providing access to a wide range of information resources and collections. Initiatives such as the US Ivy Plus Confederation - a union of 13 academic libraries working together to improve discovery of and access to information by leveraging their collective assets - have already served as a proof of concept. Changes in the economic environment mean that these sorts of adaptations will become more commonplace, if not essential to ensuring that library services are efficient, effective, and engaging. In this roundtable discussion, practitioners and decision-makers will discuss what is needed to effectively manage collaborative collections and emerging support needs. What work needs to be done? What kind of systems would be useful?  What hurdles need to be overcome?