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Digital Library Accessibility Policy and Practice Guidelines

Digital Library Accessibility Policy and Practice Guidelines

November 2023

Information Industry News

Developed by the Accessibility Policy and Workflows Group of the Digital Library Federation, this document aids the GLAM community in adopting best practices for accessibility and offers advice on drafting and implementing accessibility policies. 

The 39-page document covers the following:

  • Why accessibility is important
  • Writing an accessibility policy
  • Putting policy into practice
  • Accessibility standards and best practices
  • Accessibility tools
  • Advocacy and trouble-shooting tips

It closes with this paragraph:

The authors intend these guidelines not only to serve as your foundation for developing accessibility policies and procedures in an achievable way but provide you with direction on how to put them into action. They may help you advocate for the importance ofaccessibility being factored into every stage of digital library work. Accessibility benefits everyone and is the foundation of usability.

The full text of the report is available via Zenodo for download here