Learning From the University of Michigan Library Survey Results

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Some of the Specifics

From the UMich Library blog post:

435 total survey participants. 89% of all participants reported that they used Library Search and 11% reported that they hadn’t used it. Undergraduates, University staff, and Masters' students participant segments had the highest percentages (all under 3%) of participants who said they had not used Library Search. 

The top survey participants by role were:

  • (20%) Employed by a Library, Museum, or Archive 
  • (19%) PhD, Post Doc, or Fellow
  • (16%) Masters students
  • (16%) Undergraduate students
  • (14%) Faculty member or instructor
  • (6%) University staff

90% of survey participants indicated they were affiliated with the Ann Arbor campus, 9% from the Flint campus, and less than 1% from the Dearborn campus. Of the participants affiliated with Ann Arbor, about one third of respondents reported affiliation with LSA, just over 20% were affiliated with a library, archive or museum, and approximately 18% were affiliated with the School of Information.

We asked participants about their frequency of use of Library Search and 64% of respondents said they use Library Search once a week or more. Respondents who said they use Library Search daily were evenly split between those that were employed by a library, museum or archive, and those who were students, faculty or University staff. 

The full text of the blog post (quoted above) may be found here.

A presentation of the survey results from the University of Michigan Library Search Benchmarking survey may be viewed here.