Miles Conrad Lecture 2024: Building Open Scholarly Infrastructure

Ed Pentz, Executive Director, Crossref, Addresses NISO Plus Audience

In his Miles Conrad Lecture, Ed Pentz, Executive Director of Crossref emphasized the need for both collaboration as well as diplomacy in working out solutions to our collective issues. Non-profit organizations should build on sound governance and established principles in order to build the trust necessary in developing the sought-after open research environment. Reminding the NISO Plus 2024 audience of the history behind key initiatives (such as PubMed Central, Crossref and ORCID), he describes the on-going cycle of the research nexus. He notes the desirability of an expanded scholarly record, properly reflective of how scientific research is changing. This year’s contribution to the existing roster of Miles Conrad Lectures is entirely worthy of your time and your attention!

Click above to watch the embedded video or click through here to view the recorded presentation on our Cadmore Repository.