Andy Weissberg

VP of Identifier Services & Corporate Marketing

Andy Weissberg is responsible for business strategy and opportunity assessment for Identifier Services strategic business unit of Bowker, including the U.S. ISBN Agency (, International Standard Text Code (ISTC) Agency, Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Agency, and the Standard Address Number (SAN) Agency. In this role, Andy has refocused business processes for automated identifier assignment and metadata provisioning for entire publisher and library customer segmentations. In addition, Andy developed – a comprehensive content identification, title management, online/social network marketing, and search engine optimization platform for the book publishing industry.

In April 2009 Andy was also appointed to the board of directors for the International ISBN Agency, the organization that promotes, coordinates and supervises the worldwide use of the ISBN system.

Prior to joining Bowker, Andy previously served as General Manager, Electronic Media for Advanstar  Communications’ Life Sciences Group. In this role, he worked collaboratively with continuing medical education (CME) leadership, editorial, sales and technology teams to advance Advanstar’s strategic focuses on interactive promotion, market intelligence and e‐learning.