New NISO Business Information Committee Hones Focus on Key Management Topics

Baltimore, MD - June 28, 2007 - As part of a strategic redesign of its standards-development process, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has inaugurated a Business Information Committee to address issues regarding the management structure surrounding the acquisition, licensing, purchasing, and analysis of information. Specific areas of coverage include license expression, online usage data, access management, and performance measures and other statistics.
"In a world where roles and relationships for creators, purveyors, and curators of data and content are changing on an almost daily basis, the need for standards remains constant," said Patricia Brennan, Manager Product Development, Thomson Scientific. "As the chair of the new committee, I look forward to working with a broad group of industry stakeholders via NISO's Business Information Topic Committee as we take part in the evolution of current standards and identify new standards and guidelines to best address the range of issues operating in the key areas of library management, usage statistics, and other business intelligence."

In addition to tracking standards development internationally that is related to its topic areas, the new Business Information Committee will identify what additional work would fill gaps in the standards landscape. As part of this effort, the Committee will convene Thought Leader meetings, the initial round of which are supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Questions related to participation in the Committee or to its scope of work should be directed to Karen Wetzel, NISO's Standards Program Manager, at

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