NISO Plus 2020 Outputs and Next Steps


The inaugural NISO Plus conference took place in Baltimore, MD on February 23-25, 2020. Following the merger of NFAIS and NISO in 2019, our goal was to combine the thought leadership tradition of the former NFAIS conference with the hands-on practicality of NISO. The conference brought together around 250 professionals from across the information community — librarians, publishers, service providers, and more — to focus on our shared challenges and opportunities through a combination of presentations and in-depth discussions, culminating in concrete next steps for NISO and our community. 

An element of the conference design was to stimulate discussions that would highlight potential activity for NISO. Conference presentations were organized to facilitate audience input and sharing, and each session created extensive shared notes documents. Following the conference, these documents were then harvested by NISO staff and leadership groups to generate brainstorming sessions on potential future projects for NISO. 

This document describes this process and its rationale, the work areas covered, and the current status of distillation and prioritization. NISO plans include broader community input and feedback, soon to be put into action.