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ANSI/NISO Z39.105-2023, Content Profile/Linked Document


This standard is an application of HTML and JSON-LD to create semantic relationships between content and data elements in scholarly publishing to express self-describing, machine-actionable content for reuse and interchange of scholarly research information. The format description defines a set of rules that outline the minimal characteristics of documents (Linked Documents) that conform to the standard and a mechanism to define more detailed Content Profiles to extend and refine the rules for specific use cases. CP/LD does not have to replace existing models used for journal articles, books, data sets, or semantic and metadata schemes. Instead, these can be transformed as needed to CP/LD, enabling the combination of arbitrary portions of content, data, semantics, and other resources from separate sources into a single, standards-based format optimized for interchange, search, and display. 

See the Content Profile/Linked Document Working Group page.