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Content Platform Migrations Working Group

NISO RP-38-2021, Content Platform Migrations, now Published!

The new Recommended Practice, NISO RP-38-2021, Content Platform Migrations, was approved November 18 and published November 22, 2021.


As online content is primarily made available via the Web, content platforms are now a typical way to provide libraries and their patrons access to scholarly content. Content platforms may be developed by publishers themselves, or they may be licensed from third parties who specialize in this type of software. Publishers continuously work to upgrade the platforms based on feedback from customers and end-users, and in response to an ever-changing internet and technology landscape. As a result, publishers will periodically move their content from one platform to another.

With dozens/hundreds of publishers making their data available online, the platform “market” is very active. Platform migrations are happening more and more often, affecting end-users, librarians, publishers, and vendors. Librarians have reported over 30 content platforms migrated from 2016 to the present. A migration that is well planned, communicated and coordinated with customers, and well executed will deliver the content on the new platform with no broken links, no loss of functionality, no interruption in access, and no loss of customer information. However, migrations can be complex with many things to track, from customer holdings, to particularities of EZproxy and other authentication methodologies, to user accounts, and security settings. A problem free migration is the exception rather than the norm.

The goal is to create recommended practices around platform migrations which would provide a standard process and recommendations to all parties dealing with online content platforms, which would improve communication both before, during and after migration. Streamlining the process will benefit everyone in a smoother overall transition.


Committee Roster



Tom Beyer

Platform Services Director
KnowledgeWorks Global, Ltd.

Erin McCall

Professional Services Manager

Matthew Ragucci

Director, B2B Product Marketing - Research
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Xiaoyan Song

Electronic Resources Librarian
North Carolina State University Libraries