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Physical Delivery Working Group


Patron borrowing and lending is skyrocketing; in one state, borrowing of returnable items increased by 107.4% in six years. A recent study found that 77% of academic libraries participate in state or provincial resource sharing networks above and beyond the 10,000,000 interlibrary loan (ILL) transactions that OCLC annually processes. The rapid growth in resource sharing is causing similar growth in both the use and costs of delivery systems. The increased volume and costs of library delivery is creating a demand for more information about how to run efficient and effective delivery operations.

This project will build on the efforts of three recent projects: Moving Mountains, Rethinking Resource Sharing's Physical Delivery Committee, and the American Library Association's ASCLA ICANS' Physical Delivery Discussion Group.


PhysDelInfo: Interest Group List
PhysDelinfo is an open list available for anyone interested in NISO's Physical Delivery of Library Materials Working Group. PhysDelinfo communicates regularly and solicits feedback about the work of the group, is as a forum for questions, and more. To subscribe send an e-mail to Archives are available on the PhysDelInfo Interest Group webpage.

Press Release: NISO to Develop Recommended Practice for Physical Delivery of Library Materials (November 11, 2009)
NISO is pleased to announce that the Working Group roster for this project is now finalized, and work will be commencing with a kick-off call of the group on November 18, 2009.

Physical Delivery: NISO New Work Item Proposal
This new work item proposal accompanied the NISO Voting Member ballot opened August 3, 2009, and approved September 2009. The full ballot results are available here. Negative votes and their comments will be reviewed by the Working Group and responded to; the comments and responses will be made available on the NISO website.


The following bibliography was supplied in large part by the Moving Mountains group. We would like to thank that group for allowing us to build from their work here.

If you have a resource you would like to suggest, please contact us at

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Committee Roster



Chaichin Chen

Library Program Specialist
State of Rhode Island, Office of Library & Information Services

Kathy Drozd

Assistant Director
Minitex Library Information Network

Paol Erlandson

Head of Document Access Services & Collection Management
National Library of Education

Michelle Foss

Assistant University Librarian
University of Florida, Marston Science Library

Franca Rosen

Head, Interlibrary Loan Services
Jefferson County Public Library System

Former Member