April 13, 2020 Open Teleconference - Video and Audio Metadata Working Group

Video and audio assets are a growing part of publisher offerings and library collections. Higher demand from patrons turns to advanced developments from publishers and improved support from platform vendors. These assets could be any type: conferences and lectures, courses, primary content, video abstracts, outreach and advocacy videos, supplemental or best practice materials, podcasts, etc. 

It may be surprising that metadata standards do not yet exist for members of the information community to accurately describe media assets as well as they do journals and books. Many types of metadata can be applied to media assets but these do not include a full range of properties to enable collaboration and interoperability between organizations and systems - a major requirement of today's increasingly networked world!

The NISO Video and Audio Metadata Working Group is working to create a Recommended Practice which will incorporate existing standards to establish guidelines for video and audio assets. Work started last year and is expected to continue for the next several months before a draft document for comment will be circulated.  

Working Group co-chairs Barbara Chen, Violaine Iglesias, and Bill Kasdorf joined NISO Associate Executive Director Nettie Lagace to discuss this project.

Listen to the recording below: