New and Emerging Specs and Standards (April 2022)

ISO 15924:2022 Information and documentation — Codes for the representation of names of scripts
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46 Information and documentation

"This document provides a code for the presentation of names of scripts. The codes were devised for use in terminology, lexicography, bibliography, and linguistics, but they can be used for any application requiring the expression of scripts in coded form. This document also includes guidance on the use of script codes in some of these applications."

ISO/IEC TR 3445:2022 Information technology — Cloud computing — Audit of cloud services
Technical Committee: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38 Cloud computing and distributed platforms

"This document surveys aspects of the audit of cloud services including: 1) role and responsibilities of parties conducting audit and description of the interactions between the cloud service customers, cloud service providers, and cloud service partners; 2) approaches for conducting audits of cloud services to facilitate confidence in delivering and using cloud services; 3)examples of available frameworks and standards which can be used for audit schemes, for certification, and for authorization. This document builds upon the cloud auditor role as defined in ISO/IEC 17789 and ISO/IEC 22123. This document is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations that need to plan and conduct internal or external audits, and that use, provide and support cloud services. This document is not intended to describe certification or to identify controls that are published elsewhere."

War and the Power of Standards (

"The unleashing of unprovoked acts of violence against the people of Ukraine has both horrified and united much of the world against Russia. Even historically neutral Switzerland has condemned Putin’s aggression. And aid is flooding into the beleaguered democracy from around the world. Why? Not because the Russian Federation has breached any existing treaty, but because Putin has violated widely shared standards of conduct and decency. And while nations have the sovereign right to withdraw from written agreements, they are powerless to disavow an international consensus over what nations may and may not do. Or to avoid the consequences when they violate that consensus."

Preservation Week [April 24-30] gets a new look, launches new website (ALA Core)

"Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures has unveiled a new logo and branding for its Preservation Week public awareness campaign. In its 12th year, Preservation Week has inspired individuals and communities around the world to preserve personal, family and community collections. In addition, this initiative has raised awareness of the role libraries and other cultural institutions play in providing ongoing preservation education and information. […] The 2022 Preservation Week theme is “Preservation in the Face of Climate Change” and UPROSE Executive Director Elizabeth Yeampierre is this year’s honorary chair. Celebrating the concept of climate resiliency, Preservation Week 2022 will highlight the effects of climate change on our shared cultural heritage materials. The papers, photographs, ephemera and other materials held by both institutions and individuals can be integral to telling the story of the human impact on the environment. During Preservation Week, libraries, museums, institutions and communities are urged to examine the effects on collections and their keepers, as well as resiliency strategies."

New Federated Authentication Resources from Core (ALA Core)

[Core announces] "the publication of two new resources to help librarians and library workers better understand federated authentication, which lets library users access remote sites by logging in to a campus sign-on service. Federated Authentication Acronyms and Terminology is a guide to the specialized language of federated authentication that defines various terms for those working in libraries so they can participate in the discussion and consider options for implementation. The Elevator Talk: Explaining Seamless Access, Federated Authentication, and Related Privacy Issues to Your Boss, in 60 Seconds, in Very Simple Language explains benefits and issues around federated authentication and the related SeamlessAccess (SA) project.

Both documents are freely available, and together they provide a starting foundation for those who want to learn more about this topic. These resources were created by the Core Technology Section’s Authentication Project Team, which is transitioning into a standing Federated Authentication Committee in Core."