ODI: Open Discovery Initiative

Public Comment Period Was January 24-March 15, 2020 (Extended)

The Public Comment period for the updated ODI Recommended Practice has ended. You may access the draft document and view the comments received, which will be considered by the Standing Committee prior to final publication. 


  • A technical recommendation for data exchange including data formats, method of delivery, usage reporting, frequency of updates and rights of use
  • A way for libraries to assess content providers’ participation in discovery services
  • A model by which content providers work with discovery service vendors via fair and unbiased indexing and linking


  • Simplifies the process of data exchange between participating discovery vendors and content providers
  • Ensures participating discovery vendors are following fair and unbiased indexing and linking practices 
  • Mitigates technical and legal issues that might hinder broader participation by content providers or potential discovery service creators 
  • Allows libraries to understand how their licensed content is included in discovery systems

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Now available, guides for libraries to ensure discovery services discovery services meet institutional needs! Please see Information for Libraries to Increase ODI Conformance among Vendors and Configuring Content Providers!

Also available: Implementation Guide for Content Providers


Committee Roster


Laura Morse

Director, Library Systems & Support
Harvard University


Scott Bernier

Senior Vice President, Marketing
EBSCO Information Services

Teresa Hazen

Dept Head. Delivery, Description, & Acquisitions
University of Arizona Libraries

Don Sechler

Web of Science Product Development
Clarivate Analytics

Ken Varnum

Senior Program Manager for Discovery, Delivery, and Learning Analytics,
University of Michigan Library

Julie Zhu

Manager, Discovery Service Relations, Marketing, Sales & Design