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Taxonomy, Definitions, and Recognition Badging Scheme Standing Committee

Reproducibility Badging and Definitions Recommended Practice is Published:

This working group's output, NISO RP-31-2021, Reproducibility Badging and Definitions, was approved on January 15 and published January 28, 2021.


Publishers and researchers are placing greater emphasis on the practice of reproducibility as an essential ingredient of the scientific research process. Critical to the issue of reproducibility is the taxonomy used to define the various levels of reproducibility, and agreement on a standardized badging scheme that can be applied in the publishing process (and perhaps used as a currency in the academic rewards culture). As reproducibility begins to spread across the scholarly publishing landscape, recommended badging schemes and the related taxonomies are developing on an ad hoc basis—creating a need for some standardization.

Recognizing that reproducibility standards can vary across disciplines, this effort focused on standardization across the Computational and Computing Sciences, although adoption by other disciplines is encouraged, and is now in exploration by the Standing Committee.

Recent Project Updates

SSP 44th Annual Meeting, June 2022


Committee Roster



John Baillieul

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Boston University

Lorena Barba

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
George Washington University

Ronald Boisvert

Division Chief
National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Rachel Fender

Senior Bibliographic Specialist, Mathematical Review
American Mathematical Society