Standards and Publications

Recommended Practice

NISO RP-36-2020, JATS4R Data Citations, Version 2.0

This recommendation contains best practices for tagging citations to datasets in a reference list. As per the JATS4R recommendation on Data Availability Statements, there are four options for capturing references...

ISBN 978-1-950980-09-3
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-36-2020
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-37-2020, JATS4R Funding, Version 1.1

The focus of this recommendation is to ensure that a strict tagging model for funding information within the metadata of the article (or a sub-article) is provided in the XML...

ISBN 978-1-950980-10-9
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-37-2020

NISO RP-37-2021, JATS4R Funding, Version 1.3

The focus of this recommendation is to ensure that a strict tagging model for funding information within the metadata of the article (or a sub-article) is provided in the XML...

ISBN 978-1-950980-15-4
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-37-2021
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-42-2022, JATS4R Permissions, Version 2

This recommendation contains best practices for indicating the permissions (copyright and licensing information) associated with an article as a whole, with part of an article (such as a figure), or...

ISBN 978-1-950980-20-8
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-42-2022
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-43-2022, JATS4R Abstracts, Version 1.0

This document provides a best-practice recommendation for capturing commonly used types of journal abstracts and multiple abstracts using JATS XML. These recommendations refer to abstracts relating to the entire article...

ISBN 978-1-950980-21-5
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-43-2022
ISSN 1041-5653
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-6-2012, RFID in U.S. Libraries

Provides recommendations for implementing RFID in U.S. libraries in a manner that will promote interoperability. It includes a recommended Data Model and discussions of security, tag migration, the book supply...

ISBN 978-1-937522-02-5
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-6-2012
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-7-2012 SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding

The Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SERU) Recommended Practice offers a mechanism that can be used as an alternative to a license agreement. The SERU statement expresses commonly shared understandings of...

ISBN 978-1-937522-08-7
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-7-2012
Technical Report

NISO TR-06-2017, Issues in Vocabulary Management

The intent of this Technical Report is to provide a background on vocabulary management for those operating in this transitional environment, where experience with policies, social constructs, and the practical...

ISBN 978-1-937522-79-7

Research Data Management: A Primer

Meeting the challenges of 21st century research require sound research data management. By carefully planning, documenting, and preserving data, the goals of having reproducible and transparent research data are far...

ISBN 978-1-937522-65-0
Recommended Practice

RP-38-2021, Content Platform Migrations

Achieving a smooth platform migration requires effort from multiple parties. There are typically four major stakeholder groups involved when a publisher moves content from one hosting platform to another. 1)...

ISBN 978-1-950980-11-6
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-38-2021
Recommended Practice

RP-41-2023, Video and Audio Metadata Guidelines

Audio and video assets are growing in popularity and volume in the information arena. This Recommended Practice, targeted to producers and consumers of audiovisual content, establishes a vocabulary and guidelines...

ISBN 978-1-950980-19-2